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Patient Testimonials

Yazzin is a 11 year-old Jordanian boy who has had hearing issues since birth. Because of his hearing issues, he received a set of hearing aids from 3DP4ME. We visited Yazzin and his family to see how he is doing since receiving the hearing aids. His mother told us that since he started wearing his hearing aids that his self-confidence has increased and he is much more comfortable around people. This is because he is able to hear what is going on and understand what people are saying. His two older brothers told us that before he started wearing his hearing aids, Yassin would almost yell when talking to them. But, now when he talks, Yassin speaks in a more normal voice. This is very common with children with hearing issues, and we have heard similar stories from many other children who 3DP4ME has given hearing aids.

Yassin told us that he is very happy with his hearing aids. The kids were able to choose the color of their hearing aids, and Yassin chose blue. He said he likes the color of them a lot. He also said that he can hear his teacher much better when he is at school. His education is very important to Yassin and his family. His mother said that he is good with his hands and would like to see him become an interior designer when he grows up.

During our recent visit to their family home, they welcomed us with open arms! 
Her Mom told us how after getting hearing aids, Dima’s confidence skyrocketed. Without any fear, she goes to the local grocery store alone and can clearly order her items. Also, she can take the bus alone to school. 
Dima loves school now. She can fully understand the teacher now after having new hearing aids. She is really thriving. 
Her Mom raves about how Dima’s communication has improved inside the home. In the past, Dima’s Mom would have to raise her voice to get her attention. Which added tension and pressure in their home. But now with hearing aids, Dima responds immediately after her name is called. 
Dima, has a smile that warms your heart. 
She exudes joy! Her dream in the future, is to become a teacher.

We recently met with an 8 year old boy named Amir. When we visited him we sat with his mother, father, uncle and several cousins, so we received feedback from many family members. They shared that Amir has had hearing issues since birth which has caused him to be shy and struggle in school.

We asked the family to share about how Amir’s life has changed since receiving his hearing aids. The family told us that Amir has a lot more self-confidence now since he started wearing the new hearing aids. Before, he was shy because he couldn’t understand others, but now he is very social and talks all the time. His parents said now, “Amir never stops talking.”

Amir shared that when he first started wearing his hearing aids, kids bullied and teased him. But because of his improved hearing and confidence, he stood up to the other kids and told them, “This is how I hear!” The kids then respected him.

The family has also seen a big improvement in Amir’s grades since he started wearing hearing aids. This is because before, he wasn’t able to understand his teacher but now he can. Because Amir can now understand what the teacher is saying in class, he no longer needs his parents’ help Amir with his homework. He told us proudly that he does it on his own.

Amir’s parents and uncle all said they are much more relaxed now that Amir is wearing the hearing aids and his hearing has greatly improved. They shared that before, they were worried about him getting hurt because he couldn’t hear what was happening.

When we asked Amir about his dreams, he said he wants to become an airplane pilot when he grows up. Our hope is that with his improved hearing as a result of the hearing aids, he can begin to work towards that dream.

Yazan is a 10 year-old Jordanian boy. He only has hearing loss in one ear, so he only wears one hearing aid. His hearing was affected when he developed meningitis when he was younger and had a high fever. Since he has always been able to hear, Yazan has always been quite independent. He is the oldest son in his family and is often doing things like going to the store for his parents.

Yazan and his parents are very happy with the hearing aid. Before, he was having issues at school because it was difficult for him to hear and understand his teacher. Now, he has no trouble understanding his teacher, even if he sits in the back of the classroom. Yazan told us that he hears much better now and when people talk their words are much clearer for him. This has made it much easier for him to play with his friends. When we asked him about his friends, he said that he goes outside and plays more often now thanks to his improved hearing.

In January, we visited Salam and her family. They live in a village in northern Jordan between Mufraq and Azraq. When we asked how the hearing aids Salam received from 3DP4ME are working out, both Salam and her parents were very excited about the difference they have made.

Salam’s father and younger sister told us that now it is so much easier to communicate with his daughter. Now they are able to speak with her, and she understands what they are telling her. Her father also talked about how this has improved the relationships with their extended family. Before the hearing aids from 3DP4ME, Salam’s father explained to us that big family events such as weddings and funerals were very difficult for Salam. She couldn’t understand what people were saying and what was going on around her. This was embarrassing for her and because of this, she never wanted to go. Now, thanks to her improved hearing, she is able to communicate with her relatives easily and now enjoys going to these events. This has been a big relief for Salam and her entire family.

When we asked how school was going, Salam told us that before the hearing aids, she was not able to understand her teachers very well, so her parents had to help her a lot with her assignments when she got home. It was almost like she had to redo the lesson at home. But now that she has her new hearing aids, she is able to understand and follow her teachers in class. Her parents said that now, Salam is able to do her homework on her own and they don’t have to reteach her the lessons. Her mother told us that this was a huge benefit for her, because now she has more time to take care of the younger kids and do her housework. Her father proudly talked about the difference he has seen in Salam’s grades since she started wearing the hearing aids.

Self Confidence
Finally, Salam’s father talked about how the hearing aids from 3DP4ME have improved her self confidence. Before, Salam was not able to go places by herself because she couldn’t hear the cars on the road. Her father was afraid to let her go to the store by herself because of the danger. Now, with her new hearing aids, Salam is able to go outside and do many things on her own. She has no trouble going to the store and buying things for her mother. She can go out and play with her friends. This ability to do things on her own has greatly increased her self confidence and how Salam feels about herself.

Optimism About the Future
We were very excited to hear about the impact the hearing aids have made in Salam’s life. She is obviously a very intelligent child and has big dreams. When we asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up, she told us, “an airplane pilot in the military.” With her improved hearing and improved self confidence, she is thriving in school and can continue to work towards this dream.

Toleen is a 12-year old girl who received hearing aids through 3dp4me. She currently is in 6th grade. Toleen loves to draw and is very creative.

Before receiving her hearing aids from 3dp4me Toleen had trouble engaging in schoolwork and communicating with students in her class. The hearing aids have made a real difference in her participation at school and social engagement. She is now able to complete her homework independently and communicates more easily with her peers.

Although Toleen can be a little shy at times, she is making good progress with improving her speaking.

She dreams of one day being able to help other children who also have difficulty hearing.

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Story 1: Yassin

• Jordanian
• 11 years old
• Has had hearing issues since birth
• Third child in family
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Story 2: Dima

• Jordanian
• 9 year old girl
• She had hearing loss since birth
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Story 3: Amir

· Jordanian
· 8 years old
· Has had hearing issues since birth
· Oldest son
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Story 4: Yazan

We provided his latest hearing aid in April of 2023.
• Jordanian
• 10 years old
• Has only 1 hearing aid
• Lost his hearing from meningitis
• Was having issues at school because of hearing loss
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Story 5: Salam

• Jordanian
• 11 years old
• She had hearing loss since birth
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Story 6: Toleen

• Jordanian
• 12 years old