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Video recording now available: Expert panel discussion on “Accessible Prosthetics in Gaza”.

Hearing Express™ Project

Provide a child with custom hearing aids, speech therapy, and a pathway towards educational development.

Who do we serve?

Our beneficiaries come from all over the country of Jordan. We provide hearing aids to refugees and Jordanians alike. Our initial focus was fitting 52 children, both boys and girls, who suffer from hearing loss. Our goal is to provide another 50 children hearing aids, very soon.

How do we provide accessibility?

Through restored hearing, children and adults are able to participate in society without suffering the limitations of hearing loss. In that way, their dignity is restored, and they gain additional access to education and potential work opportunities.

Sham’s Story- Hearing Express Pilot

"If I could have only one of my senses then I would choose hearing, then I wouldn't feel so all alone."

Helen Keller

Pathway to Hearing

Click on each step below to learn more. Based on funding we provide services to a group of patients, at a time. Last year, we provided 52 children with hearing aids, during the month of April. While relying upon our international experts to fly into Jordan. In the future, we hope to become fully operational with year round services.

We find our patients through:
      • Referrals – iNGOs or local organizations
      • Free Medical Days in the refugee camps or local host
We conduct a hearing test to determine the level of hearing loss of the patient. We classify with 4 levels: Mild, Moderate, Severe, or Profound

We take a 3D ear scan of each patient, to create a custom experience at the 3DP4ME Jordan offices.

We take the time to hear each patients story during the initial interview, to see how we can best support them in the process.

We create a custom ear mold using our 3D printing process and then we assemble the brand new high end electronics from the manufacturer.

An expert Audiologist fits and programs the hearing aids for each patient.

A photographer takes a
simple photo shoot to help our patients feel empowered!

Patients, children especially, will go through speech therapy to help them regain full understanding and better language.
Our team will make follow up home visits to hear and collect stories while checking to see if any maintenance is needed.

Maintenance is provided for replacement ear molds, electronic fixes, or traditional battery replacements.

We provide transportation reimbursement at each stage to remove the barrier to entry.

From Successful Pilot to Sustainable Scale

The Project Carrier

Government of Jordan
Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities (HCD)

His Royal Highness Prince Mired Raad Zeid-Al-Hussein, President of the HCD, with Project Lead Jason Szolomayer.

Project Lead

3DP4ME- 3D Printing for ME (Middle East)”

Jason Szolomayer is the point person for the Hearing ExpressTM Project in Jordan.

We plan to establish and cultivate a reproducible, sustainable model, leveraging 3D printing and 3D ear scanning technology.

We are focused on a cost-recovery model for long-term sustainability.

*This pays for the exam, hearing aid electronics, 3D custom ear molds, and traditional or rechargeable batteries.
Our operating costs are separate.