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3DP4ME Welcomes Tom & Jane to the Board

We are so thrilled to announce these two new amazing leaders will join our team.

About Jane

Jane Wei-Skillern is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Social Sector Leadership at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Previously, she has served on the faculty at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Business School (HBS), and London Business School. She has studied and published extensively on nonprofit networks for more than two decades. She has also taught courses on social entrepreneurship, nonprofit strategy, and network leadership to MBAs and executives, and is the author and coauthor of dozens of HBS and Haas UC Berkeley case studies, book chapters, and articles.

Her research on network leadership examines how social impact leaders, whether philanthropists, nonprofit executives or staff, that focus less on building their own institutions and instead invest to build trust based networks and a strong relational foundation in their communities can achieve dramatic gains in mission impact. Four network principles of success that she has learned from studying leading edge nonprofit networks are:

1. Mission before Organization
2. Trust not Control
3. Humility not Brand
4. Constellations not Stars

Leaders that demonstrate these principles in their collaborative work are better able to build robust, enduring networks. These networks generate social impact more efficiently, effectively, and sustainably. 

For the past several years, Jane has taken a leave from teaching in the MBA classroom to focus on supporting social impact leaders in the field to grow their impact through networks. She is frequently invited to present keynote speeches, webinars, and workshops to share her research on network leadership and to facilitate the development of trust based collaborations within organizations and communities.

More information about her research and teaching can be found at:

About Tom

Tom Dente has served as an advisor, consultant, and leader in both the nonprofit and private sectors focused on assisting organizations to achieve their full potential.  Currently he advises nonprofit leaders and organizations on strategy, organizational and board development, and improving overall performance. He serves as the Chief of Growth and Strategy at LG Consulting.

Tom’s experience includes executive roles in nonprofits, including serving as President and CEO of Humentum, a global International NGO membership association, and as President and CEO of InsideNGO, a position he assumed after joining the organization as COO in 2011.  

Previously, Tom was a partner at both Bain & Company and Kearney, two global management consulting firms, advising senior leaders at commercial and nonprofit organizations on strategy development, organizational effectiveness, and performance improvement in a 20+ year career.

In addition to his professional work, Tom serves on the Board of Directors for PM4NGOs, a global nonprofit that focuses on project management in the development sector, and the Rwanda Education Assistance Project, which supports education and community development in Rwanda. He has previously served on the Board of Directors for InterAction, an alliance of more than 250 US-based NGOs.

Tom holds a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Columbia University.