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Video recording now available: Expert panel discussion on “Accessible Prosthetics in Gaza”.

Intel Makes Technology More Accessible for People with Hearing Loss

In collaboration with Intel and Accenture, 3DP4ME is using 3D printing to bring assistive technology to people in developing countries. 3DP4ME, an Intel RISE Technology Initiative partner, is currently piloting its project in Jordan, taking scans of children’s ears and printing custom-fitted hearing aids for them. The application of 3D printing increases access to hearing aids because it is faster and less expensive than traditional manufacturing methods.

“Previous work to provide hearing aids to children included hand-making the custom ear molds. It was a craft that was labor-intensive, and you could only make four or five hearing aids a day,” says Jason Szolomayer, founder of 3DP4ME. “There were long wait times, even after the kids were tested. Using 3D printing allows us to scale up the service we provide to families and kids who need hearing aids.”