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Video recording now available: Expert panel discussion on “Accessible Prosthetics in Gaza”.

Hack4Impact – Thank you!



Hack4Impact Believes In Using Tech For Good

Hack4Impact believes in technology’s huge potential to empower activists and humanitarians to create lasting and impactful social change. We work to foster the wider adoption of software as a tool for social good.

Their Mission

Hack4Impact exists for both nonprofits and students. We connect student software developers with nonprofits and other socially responsible businesses to develop powerful new tools for social change. This enables nonprofits to further their mission and better engage their clients. We are committed to increasing awareness of technology’s potential for good.

3DP4ME Dashboard Software

The software will greatly increase the amount of hearing aids we will be able to complete by organizing the data collection and manufacturing steps that can be managed by a large group of volunteers. The dashboard tracks individual hearing aids and where they are in the development process.

Each step is separated so that volunteers can work on the part of the process they specialize in (CAD modeling, ear scanning, 3D printing, etc.) This will help us efficiently develop hearing aids at a larger scale with more volunteers while remaining organized. 


Hack4Impact started working with 3DP4ME about 18 months ago to design a custom software. 3DP4ME is so thrilled at amazing quality of the work the entire Hack4Impact team has completed.

We want to honor all the individuals involved from the Hack4Impact Community!

Gene Wang, Matthew Walowski, Evan Eckels, Utkarah Awasthi, Anisha Rao, Amit Sawhney, Andy Wong, Ashank Behara, Lauren Ho, Daniel Moon, Kelly Dunleavy, Riya Jain, Archna Sobti, Ashay Parikh, Sue Wee, Vasu Chalasani, Yogi Koppol.

We appreciate each of you working tirelessly to achieve the goal. Our entire team and community of 3DP4ME would like to say thank you for your commitment to the task, excellence in design, and so gracious to work along side.

From the beginning we knew that a software design would be critical towards our success.