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Free Medical Day Photos

Enjoy seeing the photos from our recent free medical days in Jordan!

3DP4ME’s Hearing Express Project, is focused on improving access to hearing aids for underserved communities. 

We had the privilege to work along side the Queen Nour Foundation’s (IFH, Institute of Family Health) to run our free medical days in Jordan. Both of the free medical days, were a success! We saw over 100 families attend.

We had over 20 plus staff and volunteers from both 3DP4ME and the IFH working side by side to provide the best experience for each family. 

The IFH staff was fantastic! Their team has tremendous experience working in these areas, with deep relational ties. You could tell each IFH staff member loves what they do and it shows in personal interactions with each family.

After each child finished their initial screening for hearing loss, they each received a gift to take home with them.

What’s ahead?

Now each child with hearing loss, will visit the IFH facility and receive a full comprehensive exam. The IFH staff will provide each child with a hearing, speech, IQ, and fine motor skills exam.

Then our 3DP4ME team, will complete a 3D ear scan for each child and produce a custom fit hearing aid for each beneficiary.

To follow on, we are focused on providing each child with speech therapy sessions. So the can receive the specific training they need to thrive.

How can you help us?

1) We are focused on finding more children with hearing loss, who need access to a custom fit hearing aid.
2) Also, building capacity for our team to scale the operations.

Our organization relies on donations from people like you. 

Thank YOU for your support!