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Day Family-Donor Story

The Day Family sent 3DP4ME a note when they heard that we were working towards giving children the gift of hearing.

Matt Day writes, “You see, our daughter, Alison, was born with significant hearing loss and by 5 months old, she was profoundly deaf in both ears. At 13 months of age she endured a 6-hour bilateral cochlear implant surgery. Her implants were then activated a month later, and on September 17, 2014 our daughter heard sound for the first time. While this journey has been hard with many challenges and hundreds of hours of therapy, she is currently thriving and is testing at speech and language levels at average and above average compared to typical hearing peers her age. Because the gift of hearing has changed Alison’s and our lives so much, we’d love to be able to designate our gift to 3DP4ME to help other children gain this gift so many of us take for granted.”

A couple of days later, Matt said, “I was talking about 3DP4ME at lunch, and my 8-year-old son, Luke, immediately chimed in, ‘I want to give money too!'”

Thanks, Matt, Sara, Alison and Luke, for sharing your inspiring story with us! We are greatly encouraged by Alison’s journey and your family’s commitment to help others around the world with similar challenges.