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Video recording now available: Expert panel discussion on “Accessible Prosthetics in Gaza”.

Collaboration with the Noor Al Hussein Foundation (Institute for Family Health)

We are so thrilled to announce a collaboration with the Noor Al Hussein Foundation (Institute for Family Health) in Jordan. The Institute for Family Health (IFH), launched by the Noor Al Hussein Foundation in 1986, serves as a national and regional model for comprehensive and progressive healthcare that addresses the physical, mental and social welfare of citizens and refugees throughout Jordan. The IFH will provide 3DP4ME Jordan with the logistics to run our free medical days in our initial refugee camp. Also, their team of audiologists will conduct the comprehensive hearing exams for our first 50 beneficiaries with hearing loss, which includes a hearing and speech exam as well as an IQ and fine motor skills test. Following this screening, 3DP4ME will then provide 3D printed hearing aid solutions to meet their hearing needs. We look forward to a successful partnership to bring hearing and all its educational and social benefits to these initial recipients and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate to address this important need.

Institute for Family Health – Noor Al Hussein Foundation