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Video recording now available: Expert panel discussion on “Accessible Prosthetics in Gaza”.

Champions Power!

Our 3DP4ME Champions have helped us to:

1) Ship our first Asiga 3D printer last week!

2) Ship our initial lab equipment to Jordan.

3) Send our first wire transfer from the US to Jordan. (Which takes 40 days to get approved by the Government).

Did you know, basically 1 out of 50 people in the developing world have a hearing aid that need one. That’s why 3DP4ME has launched a great initiative to provide underserved communities with hearing aids through 3D printing.

We are currently looking for CHAMPIONS to donate $500 or more to launch the pilot of their project “The Hearing Express” in Jordan. So far our generous donors have given more than $42,000.

You have an opportunity today, to become a CHAMPION too. Click the link below to learn more.

Good news! Recently, our team had a very positive first conversation with major hearing aid 👂🏽manufacturer.

More exciting news to share next week!