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Accenture Sponsorship

Story below is about how Jason Szolomayer (3DP4ME), connected with Paul Daugherty at Accenture.

Early in our journey pioneering 3DP4ME, we were looking for champions. Because Jason knew Paul Daugherty, at Accenture, was an influencer in the technology space, he decided to send him a brief introductory email.  Jason got a wonderful response from Paul in early June 2019.  He was instantly a big advocate!

We set up a call and enjoyed a great initial conversation. Paul really grasped 3DP4ME’s vision.  He then connected us with the Accenture labs team, who were very positive and extremely helpful with future insights for our planning.

Paul and Jason continued our friendship via text messaging, and he would periodically provide him simple updates on our journey.  Paul was always so positive, encouraging and willing to help.

Recently, Paul and his team at Accenture made a sponsorship donation to 3DP4ME!  As a team, 3DP4ME is so thrilled to have Accenture on board as a champion.

YOU can join Accenture and become a 3DP4ME Champion too!

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