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Video recording now available: Expert panel discussion on “Accessible Prosthetics in Gaza”.

Step by Step: Stages of Support

Setting up

Next 30-60 days

$ 32,742
  • Shipment of 3D printing materials and supplies
  • Buy Parallel Bars, Trautman Grinder, other machines
  • Design new workbenches for post processing
  • Purchase new computers & software subscriptions
  • Identify 5 children from partner referrals

Staffing & Running Pilot

2-4 months

$ 151,637
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Buy prosthetic component parts and replacement (liners, sockets, pylons)
  • Experts travel and training for local staff
  • Year 1 salaries (Prosthetist, 3D technician, project manager)
  • Physical therapy, psychologist sessions

Scale to Gaza


$ 655,205
  • 50 Children
  • Physical therapy, psychologist sessions
  • Year 2 salaries - capacity building “Tech transfer”
  • Buy prosthetic component parts & replacement (liners, sockets, pylons)
  • Shipment of 3d printing materials & supplies

Take a step with us! Empower a child with a custom prosthetic, that allows them to run and play again.

We welcome donations from individuals, corporations, family offices, and country donors.