Sigue a 3DP4ME

Video recording now available: Expert panel discussion on “Accessible Prosthetics in Gaza”.

DHL sponsored new 3D printer shipment

Drum roll please!!!! Exciting announcement.

Special thanks to Brent Wright.

Generous donation of our new 3D printer from Filament Innovations and Michael Gorski.

Huge thank you to the best logistics partner DHL!! Especially the amazing team in Jordan. Through their partnership, our work is so much easier.

Ayudar a los pacientes a caminar, moverse y oír con prótesis y audífonos impresos en 3D.

Summary timeline of the months long journey!

  • 3D Printer donation
  • 3D Scanner donation
  • Translate all shipping docs into Arabic
  • DHL Sponsorship (400 lbs air freight)
  • Jordan FDA approval for each item
  • Tax Department- got a new clearance document
  • Ministry of Industry & Trade, renew our import card
  • Approval from the Jordanian Government to give a customs exemption
  • Final approval from Ministry of Finance for customs value
  • Jordanian Government approval to provide prosthetics as an NGO
  • Jordan, Ministry of Interior approval
  • Jordan, Public Safety Directorate approval
  • Jordan, Gendarmerie approval
  • Jordan, Dhaliyyah approval